Mr Castle Brief


yo con overtones

Hector Castillo (Mr. Castle) is a Blues-Rock guitar player and music producer from Caracas, Venezuela. His job is well known and respected in his home country. He has produced and co-produced many songs for important artists covering many styles as pop, rock, blues, funk, soul, jazz, latin music, etc.

At the same time he has produced, recorded, mixed and mastered his own music recordings, having played almost every instruments on it. His main instruments are the electric guitar and the bass.

Hector has a long career as a sesionist and live guitar player, he has been on stage with many of the most important and well known artists from Venezuela and some other places over the world. His biggest success in Venezuela was as the front man in his Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix´s tribute bands from 2007 to 2013.

Mr Castle has been in Ireland 3 years and has had the opportunity to record in his studio along with Ed Deane (Irish Blues Living Legend) an EP called “At a Station”, the EP launch took place at the Dublin Arts Club last 17th of December 2014. In 2015 Hector joined The Black Overtones (Original Rock Band) releasing an EP recorded at his studio in June of 2016. He has also been on stage with Left, right and centre (Ed Deane, Noel Bridgeman, Tommy Moore), Shaken Edge, Carol Ann Flanagan, Tony Floyd Kenna, Nial Lawlor, Mick Heslim, Mick Brady, among many others,

In 2016 he has played in few important music festivals, participating in the two most important ones in Ireland such as the Electric Picnic with his own project “Mr Castle” and along with Clark Family´s Project and also permormed at Rockathon festival alongside The Black Overtones.

Mr Castle is also music harmony and guitar improvisation´s teacher.

Hector is at the moment producing several local bands and solo artists at his profesional recording studio. Mr Castle Studio.


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